Poultry Farm Appraiser in Albertville, AL

When you work with Howard W. Haynie & Associates, Inc., you’ll get Howard’s opinion as an experienced poultry farm appraiser, and further supported by his diverse real estate credentials. 


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Specialized Real Estate Appraisal

Your typical real estate appraiser might not know where to start with a poultry farm—that’s why you need to work with a specialist. At Howard W. Haynie & Associates, Inc., we are a farm and timberland appraisal company that specializes in providing poultry farm appraisals.


We also know how to appraise poultry farms based on their specific purposes—whether a broiler farm, pullet farm, or breeder hen egg farm, we can give you a professional opinion of the farm’s market value.


Of course, our appraisal services aren’t just for property owners who seek to sell their land in the near future. Our appraisals also help with asset management, estate settlement, and mortgage refinancing. Accurate numbers for property value will help you navigate all of these processes with fewer hiccups and better outcomes so that you can feel confident about your situation.


We offer over 30 years of real estate experience, so we know how to appraise properties in economic upturns and downturns alike. No matter the state of the economy, we’ll give you our opinion of the value of your property as it stands against the present value of the U.S. dollar.

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